Basic Info about Turkey

Astride two continents, Turkey is a country of contrast and beauty. As the cradle of civilisation and with a varied landscape, it has much to offer both the visitor and investor. Turkey is rich in folklore and traditions that have been kept alive for centuries as well as natural and cultural heritage locations. 

Turkey covers an area of 814,578 sq km with a coast line of more than 8,333 km and has about 78 Mio. inhabitants. Turkey is a full member of the NATO and associated with the European Union. The capital is Ankara. The political system is a parliamentary democracy since 1923, when Atatürk founded the democratical state. The country is separated into seven geographical regions: the Black Sea region, Marmara, the Aegean region, the three Anatolia regions and our "project territory", the Mediterranean region, with the Turkish Riviera in the heart of it.

The Turkish Riviera has a beautiful coastline of about 180km and reaches from Kemer (50km west of Antalya) to Alanya / Gazipasa (new Airport of Alanya) eastwards. Antalya as province capital has a big airport (2 international terminals and one domestic terminal) and is only 89km far from our project-site

The Mediterranean and the Aegean regions are at the heart of the tourist industry. The irregular coastline means there are many coves and little peninsulas, ideal for yachting.

Why investing ? - Reasons for Real Estate Investments in Turkey

Strong Economy
  • Strong and reliable banking system - no currency restrictions (high interest rate for private funds with low capital gain taxes of 15%)
  • Very strong Economic Growth (based on a 48hrs working time per week)
  • Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world and at 6th place when compared to the 27 EU member countries
Favorable Demographic and Legal Environment
  • Stable Government with many EU inspired laws
  • With 400,000 new graduates each year, Turkey abound with motivated, well educated young professionals
  • Turkey has a large population of 78 million, population growth of 2% a year and 65% of the population is younger than 34 years. This creates a strong internal property market i.e. investors are not reliant on just international investors for resale.
Top Tourist Location
  • Long season from April 1th until November 15th. Because of its mild climate (13°C-18°C), the region is also attractive during European winter time
  • Stunning beaches and favorable climate make it a very popular holiday destination
  • Over 25 million tourists visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong buy-to-let possibilities
  • Low cost of living and long summers make it a favourite retirement spot for Europeans (Alanya - our closest town- is the second favorite tourists destination for Germans)
  • Increased demand for flights. Turkish Airlines is developing very fast and has been voted in the last two years as the best airline in Europe.
Because of the early stages of a property Boom there are still relatively low prices for sea view land and construction at the Turkish Riviera
  • Since 1975 Spain saw about 1,500,000 foreigners (German, English, etc...) who bought an apartment or Villa causing massive property price increases. This process is now reversing itself as the best Spanish locations are taken and prices have peaked.
  • Turkey is seeing a similar property boom but is at a much earlier stage. Less than about 150,000 foreigners own properties in Turkey (around 25.000 foreign purchases in the Alanya-Area / our area) and prices are still relatively low and rise quickly (10-15% a year in our areas).
Administrative Procedures for receiving a legal 100%-foreign real estate title
  • Procedure for the Buyer: Turkish Law allows foreigners to become a 100% owner of land and construction. Regulations for the foreign title demand an application by the buyer to the regional military head quarter (Izmir) for granting a permit which is required by the local registration-office (for us in Alanya). Procedure for the Vendor: The vendor has to produce a document from the local authority, which states the minimum price of sales for the transaction. This price is normally the official basis for paying land taxes (very low in Turkey). Having issued this two documents from both sides, the land registration office will produce the title within three working days.
  • The administrative transaction-costs for land and construction is relatively low (about 4% on declared sales prices)
The contents and photos of this site have been created by Nefis Emlak and in some instances material has been taken from wikipedia.
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